Empowered Women Mastermind Guest Dinner

Empowered Women Mastermind Guest Dinner

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Membership in our Empowered Women Entrepreneurial Mastermind Group is exclusively available to proud women business owners, with a strict limit of one woman per business category. The membership duration is set at six months, or 1 year with the option for renewal. Meals are provided but for an additional cost. 

Our meetings are facilitated by Toby and Mary Anne both who are coaches for business owners. Our meetings take place two times monthly.


One is an in person meeting in Fort Myers from 6-7:30pm and the other is an accountability meeting on zoom. This is your dedicated time to connect, collaborate, and grow alongside your fellow empowered women.

Get a taste of this transformative experience!


We invite you to attend our mastermind meeting twice before making a decision to join. There is a nominal fee for visitors of $30; $25 for members