The Heart of Grief Journal

The Heart of Grief Journal

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The national award winner, The Heart of Grief Relief Journal, is a journal, a book, an inspiration and a resource guide all rolled into one. Journaling is an invaluable healing tool and it was one tool Richard Ballo used in his grief healing process.


This journal will help you let go of grief in the lightly lined pages and each page has a quote to help you along the way. This beautiful journal is designed to ease your passage through grief, help you heal your heart, and offer gentle wisdom to urge you forward. Each one of the 173 lightly-lined pages contains an inspiring quote for your personal reflection.

Also, several articles gleaned from the author’s own grief experience offer invaluable tips to help. Countless studies prove the profound healing that journaling offers. Richard was helped by writing down his feeling, emotions, and experiences in his journal after the loss of his wife. He encourages you to use this simple yet profound tool to aid your healing grief process.

The Heart of Grief Relief Journal is unique, nothing in print offers such a wide-range of profound help for anyone who is bereaved.


Written by RIchard Ballo, a local SWFL Award winning author.